We take a ride in the 2016 Ford Focus RS

In Advance Of Our First Drive We Sit Shotgun In The Fast Focus

We're excited for the Ford Focus RS, a car that in previous iterations Ford wouldn't bring to the United States. That was either due to some crazy hierarchy that said the Mustang should be the only performance car on the market here, or fears that sales wouldn't justify the cost of federalization.

That's no longer the case. With the 2016 model year already in production and headed to showrooms this spring, the United States finally gets the high-performance Focus found in the rest of the world. And that global product plan is part of the credit for this car. By selling the same version in every market, the development cost is spread throughout multiple regions. The result: more Ford performance goodness for everyone.

Global performance is a formula proven by the Focus ST and Fiesta ST, two other hot variants of everyday Fords that we never would have seen before the Alan Mulally era. And like the Fiesta ST, the RS uses turbocharged power. That's about the only similarity, since the RS is all-wheel drive. As we explain in the video, the AWD system is not just about sending power to all four wheels, but making the car handle better on track. And yes, it even drifts. Check out the video above, and stay tuned for our First Drive.

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