Strangers form human chain to rescue trucker on Pennsylvania Turnpike

A truck driver is alive and well in Pennsylvania thanks to the brave, quick-thinking actions of a handful of his fellow drivers. On the evening of January 22nd, in the middle of a heavy snowstorm that blanketed much of the state, an unnamed truck driver lost control of his rig on the Pennsylvania Turnpike just east of the city of Bedford, WTAE reported. The truck plowed through nearly half a mile of guardrail and scattered debris and diesel fuel in its wake. It finally came to rest with the trailer blocking traffic and the tractor hanging precariously over a steep ravine. The tractor was completely smashed, billowing smoke, and the driver was pinned inside. That is when a number of passersby swooped in to save him.

A group of around ten strangers, including an experienced trucker named Arlyn Satanek, spontaneously stopped their vehicles and rushed to the stricken driver's aid. Linking their arms to make a human chain, they struggled down the icy, treacherous hillside to extract the driver from his wrecked tractor. Once the group had the driver safely up the hill, Satanek stepped back to snap a picture to remember the event.

"I don't know any of their names, what their faces looked like. I can only say they made a terrible situation a little bit better by helping someone out that was really in need." said Satanek. Witnesses state that the rescued driver was obviously injured but alive when pulled from the wreck. There are no further updates on the driver's condition at this time.

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