Petrolicious finds the cutest Zagato racecar ever

The 1949 Fiat Topolino 750 MM by Zagato must be the cutest racecar ever made. The rounded body makes the little coupe look like it still has some baby fat to lose, and it's hard to imagine this pudgy vehicle blasting through the Mille Miglia – but that's exactly what it did. Today, this is the last surviving 750 MM, and Petrolicious' new video takes along for a ride in this very rare, and very small, piece of history.

Owner Scott Gauthier has an impressive collection of vehicles, but Zagatos especially appeal to him because their hand-formed aluminum bodies make each example unique. When he got the 750 MM, all the pieces came in boxes. Gauthier's challenging task was putting it back together, which his in-house crew did beautifully.

If a classic car's mechanical sounds intoxicate you, then turn up the speakers when this thing hits the road. The 750 MM's interior is the perfect stage to show off the powertrain's wonderful range of sounds. It's great to see such a rare racecar still getting some use on the road, especially one as cute as this Zagato.

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