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The Ducati Scrambler is already one of the most stylish motorcycles on the market because of its combination of simplicity and vintage design cues, but three customizers at the Verona Motor Bike Expo in Italy show that there's always room for more panache.

The Peace Sixty2 from a customizer called Mr. Martini transforms the Scrambler into a '60s racing bike with a large, rounded fairing and Plexiglas headlight cover. It almost wouldn't look out of place in an old photo of Ducatis racing at Monza. The red seat and rainbow stripe down the tank provide a nice pop of color, too. Mr. Martini came up with the bike's name out of a desire for harmony after the recent terror attacks in Paris.

The Revolution by Officine Mermaid also adopts a vintage style but takes inspiration from classic bobbers. The Scrambler now looks ready to cruise down the open road with its satiny black paint and gold pinstripes. Officine Mermaid also installs a custom leather seat and new fork yokes to complete the design.

Finally, the Artika by Dario Lopez Studio would be fun to ride in the current snowy weather. The bike takes inspiration from the Ducati Pantah ice racers of the late '70s, and its florescent yellow body and bright blue trim would be hard to miss in a blizzard. Studded Pirelli tires also provide some extra traction when things get slippery.

If you can't make it to Verona to check out these tweaked Scramblers, the gallery above has several photos of each of them.
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The Ducati Scrambler Land of Joy will be at the Verona Motor Bike Expo from 22 to 24 January

Peace Sixty2, Revolution and Artika: three new Ducati Scrambler proposals that carry the signatures of Italian designers and customizers

The Ducati Scrambler stand will host a demonstration of the art of personalisation on 23 January

Borgo Panigale, Bologna (Italy), 21 January 2016 – The Land of Joy will be at the Motor Bike Expo from 22 to 24 January with three Ducati Scrambler-based specials. Called Peace Sixty2, Revolution and Artika, these customized bikes will be previewed during the Verona held event on the Ducati Scrambler family stand.

Following the Ducati Café Racer Scrambler, the imaginative Verona-based builder Mr. Martini has now come up with his second Scrambler-based creation. This is the Peace Sixty2. Based on the new Sixty2, it has an even "racier" feel than the previous special designed by this builder, largely thanks to its 1960s-style fairing. The plexiglass nose fairing designed by Mr. Martini for this bike (giving prominence to the original headlight), the handlebars, the single-seater tailpiece, the Termignoni exhaust and hand-crafted leather seat all make the Peace Sixty2 something truly unique. Further contributions to its originality also come from a series of details and graphic elements, such as the symbols that recall the concept of peace.

With the Peace Sixty2 Mr. Martini also aims to express a state of mind. Indeed, the idea behind this bike took shape during the recent tragic events in Paris, a city extremely dear to Mr. Martini, where he has showcased his creations at numerous events and exhibitions.

Revolution is a Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 that has undergone the full bobber style treatment. This bike is characterised by several elements, all hand-crafted by Officine Mermaid, the same team that previously came up with the Ducati Scrambler Scratch. Specially for the Revolution, this Milan-based builder has come up with a leather rider-only seat as well as new fork yokes and a new plate holder. Dedicated on-tank pin striping nicely offsets the black colour scheme so typical of bobber bikes. The 17'' front and rear wheels emphasise the bike's custom character. Dario Mastroianni, founder and customizer of Officine Mermaid, named the bike Revolution to highlight just how sweeping the changes to it have been. Low-slung and wicked-looking like any self-respecting bobber, the Ducati Scrambler Revolution is as essential as can be, stripped of everything that's not strictly necessary.

Lastly, the Dario Lopez Studio has put its signature to the Ducati Scrambler Artika, a modern take on the Ducati Pantah Ice project of the late 70s, one of the iconic bikes displayed at the Ducati Museum in Borgo Panigale. The latter used to take part in the Ice Trophy, a competition reserved for Ducati Pantah bikes alone. The Ducati Scrambler Artika retains the colour scheme of its yesteryear counterpart: sporting a fluorescent yellow, its vintage graphics offer intriguing nuances of blue. The mechanics, based on the Icon version, take centre-stage thanks to clever old-style highlighting of the essence and shine of the aluminium. Chunky, Pirelli tyres with ice studs make the Ducati Scrambler Artika a bike with a personality as extreme as it is unique.

The Verona Motor Bike Expo will be packed with events, especially on Saturday 23 January when visitors to the Ducati Scrambler stand will get the chance to see the art of personalisation in action as customizers go to work on Scrambler fuel tanks.

And, thanks to a vast range of accessories designed to give the bike a cool touch of uniqueness, the world of Ducati Scrambler customization is accessible to all. In fact, the Ducati Scrambler stand at the Verona Motor Bike Expo will be showcasing four different bikes customized using only official Scrambler accessories, clearly demonstrating just how much - and how easily - this very special Ducati motorcycle can be made even more special.

All the photos of the Ducati Scrambler Peace Sixty2, Revolution and Artika are available from Ducatipress.com.

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