No, seriously, what is with these anime Toyota Prius Impossible Girls

In addition to offering improved fuel economy and better handling, every 2016 Toyota Prius apparently also comes with 40 squeaky-voiced anime girls inside. That's the message of a weird ad from Japan that you really need to see. Using animated characters in commercials isn't new for Toyota, but the bizarre thing in this one is that these gals represent everything you can imagine about the Prius – from the engine to the door chime.

Toyota calls these personifications of automotive tech the Impossible Girls, and you can check out 10 of them in them in the commercial above. The rest are available on the company's Japanese website for parts like the steering wheel and soundproofing. This is certainly an interesting way to highlight a car's features, but we doubt Toyota would ever use such a wild advertising tactic for a spot in the US like the Prius' upcoming Super Bowl commercial.

While definitely odd, the Impossible Girls aren't quite Toyota's weirdest piece of Japanese advertising. That honor still easily goes to the utterly bizarre Jungle Wakudoki commercial for the Hilux.

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