Tesla Model S fire not caused by Supercharger, investigators say

But The Exact Cause Has Not Been Determined

While plugged into a Supercharger a few weeks ago, a Tesla Model S electric vehicle caught fire. Now, there are hundreds of thousands of vehicle fires a year in the US, so one fire shouldn't really make headlines. But, you know, Tesla.

So, anyway, this particular fire happened in Norway, and in the weeks since the S was destroyed, local investigators and Tesla representatives have been trying to figure out what happened. The results were somewhat inconclusive and neither agency is ready to say what caused the blaze, but at least there's news about what didn't happen. Local authorities now say that the issues wasn't a Supercharger fire and a Tesla spokesperson told AutoblogGreen that, "It is safe to charge at Superchargers. In fact, Tesla customers have used Superchargers over 2.5 million times, and there are 5 new Supercharging sessions that start every minute." The spokesperson also said that, "Local authorities have concluded their investigation. We continue our investigation to determine the root cause of this singular incident."

According to Ecomento, the investigators have discovered that the fire began in the Model S and not the Supercharger. The investigators have said their work is now finished because of a, "lack of resources," Ecomento says, and because the car was so burnt that there's no way to tell what happened. Tesla will hand over any further details it discovers to the investigators. As you can see in the video above, the fire was intense, and local first responders were able to keep it from spreading but not to save the car. Oh, and apparently, the Model S had been a used vehicle purchase just two days before it caught fire.

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