A report emanating from the Netherlands, where Spyker is based, claims that the troubled automaker is on track to reveal a new concept car at the Geneva Motor Show in March – and it could be an EV.

Spyker is the niche Dutch sportscar maker that attempted in vain to rescue Saab after General Motors pulled the plug. That venture failed, like the automaker's similarly ambitious foray into Formula One, leaving Spyker grasping to reorient itself in the aftermath. The company subsequently entered bankruptcy proceedings, only to resurface in a merger with American aircraft company Volta Volare, bolstered by plans to launch an electric sports car.

That could very well be what we'll see when we land in Geneva. We could also see a production version of the B6 Venator that Spyker showcased after the Saab fiasco. The concept first surfaced in 2013 with a V6 engine, a departure from the V8 that powered the previous C8 models, but still featuring the intricate construction for which Spyker became known. Or perhaps the B6 Venator will drop the gas engine entirely, and will be the basis of the rumored EV sportscar. Either way, we'll be looking forward to seeing what the ever-ambitious Victor R. Muller and his team have in store.

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