Truck driver inches from death in terrifying near miss

This may be one of the luckiest drivers in all of Britain. This video of a driver's close call on the side of the freeway was uploaded to YouTube this week as a cautionary tale. Steve Twamley, who runs Traffic Management Safety for British truck drivers, uploaded the terrifying near miss, the Daily Mail reported.

The driver was heading down one of London's busiest freeways, the M25 Motorway, when he blew a tire. The unnamed driver made it to the shoulder and popped out of the cab to check out the damage. Traffic was busy, but the driver wasn't fazed. He didn't even flinch when a huge truck passed just a few feet away. But even this cool customer was rattled by what happened next.

A truck, clearly over the white line, came up quickly from behind the disabled vehicle. It missed the man by inches as it thundered down the freeway. The truck passed so close that it knocked off a side mirror and sent it hurdling towards the startled driver. Incredibly, the man sustained only a few bruises.

Twamley told the Daily Mail that he uploaded the video as a warning to other drivers. Twamley encouraged drivers to stay in their vehicles, and if they must exit, to do so on the side facing away from traffic. "The video is very scary and it is unbelievable how close the [truck] comes to the driver," Twamley said. "'This near miss could have easily resulted in a fatality and the distance between life and death was only millimeters."

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