A test shows that Tesla's Autopilot feature isn't restricted to the speed limit on a divided highway with the new update. Some users were reluctant to download the Firmware 7.1 update – despite getting cool features like the ability to "summon" the car from parking – for fears about the restrictions to Autopilot. While Autopilot can't be used at more than five miles per hour over the speed limit on certain roads, a test by Teslarati shows that Autopilot will allow the driver to exceed the speed limit when there's a center divider separating the different directions of traffic. See the video above, and read more at Teslarati.

Tesla might be planning to build a Gigafactory in South Africa. It was recently reported that Tesla was opening an office in South Africa with a focus on the stationary energy storage market. A factory there would likely build mostly Powerwall and Powerpack batteries rather than car batteries. "We very much want to have a Gigafactory here," says Alan Winde of the Western Cape Executive Council for business opportunities. "If we get that right, it will make nuclear power generation obsolete." Read more at Electrek, or from Times Live.

Joseph Furando has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for his role in a fraudulent biodiesel scheme. Furando and his co-conspirators profited more than $55 million for falsely claiming tax credits for biodiesel bought from Furando. In 2015, authorities seized property from Furando that included artwork by Picasso, Renoir, and Dalí. "Fraud in the renewable fuels program compromises our ability to fight climate change and reduce dependence on foreign oil," says the EPA's Cynthia Giles. "When people approach these programs with bad faith and seek to exploit them, these purposes are blocked, American businesses are hurt and the treasury of the United States is depleted." Read more from The Hill.

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