This is why we can't have nice things. At least not all of them, and at least not now. In the latest update to the Autopilot software (version 7.1) in the Model S, Tesla has removed some features, including a limit on how fast is can go on some roads. But when Elon taketh, he also giveth. There's a cool new "summon" feature that allows the electric vehicle to maneuver from where it's parked and come to you.

The car is limited to autodriving itself 39 33 feet, but it can open a HomeLink-compatible garage door if necessary, Teslarati says. Tesla says that the autoparking feature should only be done on private parking and we should note that this is the first time Tesla has allowed cars owned by private citizens to move without anyone inside them. Now that we know about this feature, that creepy robot arm that automatically unplugs the car from the wall sure makes a lot more sense, doesn't it? Watch Electric Jen test the new summon feature in the video above and below.

As for those new Autopilot speed limits, the release notes (as captured by Teslarati) say that:

Autosteer is now restricted on residential roads without a center divider. When Autosteer is engaged on a restricted road, Model S's speed will be limited to the speed limit of the road plus an additional 5 mph. When entering such a restricted road, Model S will reduce its speed if necessary and wll do so even if you increase the cruise control set speed.

All in all, that seems like a fair trade.

UPDATE: We got Tesla's official Release Notes on the 7.1 software update, and have added them below. Here's how Tesla describes how to use the Autopark feature in the notes:

To prepare to park your vehicle, align Model S within 33 feet of the final parking space so Model S can move straight into the space in either Drive or Reverse. With Model S in Park, stand within 10 feet of the vehicle and press and hold the center button on your key fob until the hazard lights flash continuously. While the hazard lights are flashing, press the frunk button once on the key fob to drive Model S forward into the parking space or the trunk button once on the key fob to back Model S into the parking space. Model S will move up to 33 feet or until the sensors detect an obstacle, at which point parking is considered completed and Autopark will shift the car to Park.

Tesla Software 7.1 Release Notes US

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