2016 Technology of the Year Finalist: Ford Sync 3

Simple Enhancements Make For A Big Improvement

To say Ford's outgoing MyFord Touch infotainment system had issues would be, well, a vast understatement. Thank goodness for the arrival of Sync 3, then – it might not look as pretty, but Ford's system is finally where it needs to be in terms of functionality.

The biggest issue we had with MyFord Touch was its responsiveness. The system was super laggy, and this was a common point of frustration. Thanks to a new processor, Sync 3 offers much better response times – now one of the quickest-responding systems in the industry.

The design is a bit more simplistic now, with a smaller array of colors and font choices that feel a little more like a large-print greeting card than a tech-forward system. But the end result is this: Ford's Sync 3 is incredibly easy to use, and works without lag or hiccups now. And that's what's most important.

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