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Apple registers URL

Apple is reigniting rumors of its intention to build a car – the tech giant now owns the domains,, and, according to MacRumors. The company registered the addresses in December but hasn't set up pages on any of them yet.

The domain registrations could be further evidence that Apple is at work on something automotive-related behind closed doors. The electric vehicle project reportedly has the codename Project Titan, and there might be a team of several hundred people on hand for the development. Rumors hint that model could be ready for market as soon as 2019.

Apple allegedly poached its team of specialists in electric vehicles and battery technology from other top companies. For example, Mission Motors claimed that the electric motorcycle maker's downfall was a result of Apple grabbing vital engineers. Elon Musk even jokingly called Apple the "Tesla Graveyard" because it hired so many people that couldn't make it has his EV business.

We should take these domain registrations at least with a small grain of salt for now. It's possible Apple could link these sites to its CarPlay tech that connects a user's iPhone screen to a vehicle's infotainment system. The company might also claim these addresses to keep someone else from buying them and cashing in on the Apple car hype.

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