VW could buy back 115,000 diesel models in the US

The costs of Volkswagen's diesel emissions scandal in the US could be on the rise because the automaker may need to buyback up to 20 percent of the affected vehicles, according to Reuters citing a German newspaper. If this plan happens, the company could repurchase about 115,000 polluting models or offer owners a new VW at a reduced price.

The German report also claims that the vehicles VW does recall could require significant changes to the exhaust system to make them emissions compliant. This fix could require the automaker to replace expensive parts and require owners to wait through long repair times. However, the newspaper didn't specifically cite how it received these details.

"Volkswagen continues to work cooperatively with EPA and CARB to resolve these issues as quickly as possible with approved remedies for the affected vehicles. We believe that all the vehicles at issue here can be brought into compliance with the Clean Air Act.We have no comment regarding potential remedies that have been discussed with the agencies," VW spokesperson Jeannine told Autoblog.

VW's diesel repairs in the US require the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board before they can begin. The business and regulators reportedly are having a hard time coming to an agreement on the fix. Less stringent emissions rules in Europe allow the automaker to simply perform a software update and also add a piece of mesh ahead of the air mass sensor for some engines.

A lawsuit by the Department of Justice also addresses the 580,000 polluting 2.0-and 3.0-liter diesel engines and could saddle VW with billions of dollars in damages. The DOJ alleged that company officials obstructed the EPA's investigation into the problem and promised to "pursue all appropriate remedies" to punish the automaker

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