The right classic car can make its dedicated owner do seemingly crazy things to non-enthusiasts, but Michael von Trzebiatowski goes to serious lengths for his 1971 Aston Martin DBS V8 in the latest episode of Petrolicious. Faced with a choice between a house or this classic coupe, von Trzebiatowski did the only rational thing. He bought the Aston Martin.

It took von Trzebiatowski a decade to find his DBS, and even then affording it was a stretch. The coupe first attracted him as a kid after seeing Roger Moore driving one on TV, but the car's understated design lured him as an adult. "It's a bit portly, good-natured, and robust," he says to describe this British V8 grand tourer.

Von Trzebiatowski once worried that his connection to the Aston Martin could have faded over time, and he might eventually have regretted the big purchase. That hasn't happened, thankfully. We'll let him explain why on Petrolicious.

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