2016 Technology of the Year Finalist: 2016 BMW 7 Series

One Of Three Finalists For Our Tech Car Award

BMW remade the legendary 7 Series around technology for 2016. Yes, the sixth generation of BMW's iconic flagship remains a luxury leader, but its sophisticated new features expand the 7's traditional strengths to a new generation that relies on smartphones.

The 7 Series' extensive tech is most evident inside, where the driver and passengers have new interactions with the car. A feature called gesture control allows the driver to turn up the volume, accept or decline phone calls, or turn off the home screen using hand movements (see the video below). The sedan also has a digital instrument cluster, LCD touchscreen keyfob, wireless charging feature for phones, and a pinch-to-zoom function that makes iDrive simpler to use. Life is especially good in the backseat, where a seven-inch Touch Command Tablet allows the passenger to control comfort, lighting, and infotainment tasks. There's also WiFi, a gorgeous panoramic Sky Lounge LED roof, and 10-inch screens mounted into the seatbacks.

Creature comforts and connectivity aside, BMW literally redid the 7 Series to the core. The new body structure, called Carbon Core, helps the sedan cut weight by up to 190 pounds compared with its predecessor while improving stiffness and rigidity. Meanwhile, the big sedan now offers four-wheel steering, improved aerodynamics, and it will get a plug-in hybrid version next year.

It's still a 7 Series, and that means it has all of the luxury can you imagine. The car will massage you, perfume the air, and ionize the cabin. Naturally, it has a potent twin-turbo V8 pushing out 445 horsepower. This is what you've come to expect from BMW. But with the new 7 Series, the venerable automaker moves toward the modern tech-savvy consumer, and that's why Bavaria's most decadent sedan is a finalist for our Technology of the Year award.

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