The Tesla Model S is rumored to get a redesign in the spring of 2016. The facelift would give the electric sedan common features with the Model X SUV. More specifically, the Model S could borrow its front end from the Model X. The light redesign could also help facilitate features for the expected second generation Autopilot hardware. The rumor originates from a since-deleted post at the Tesla Motors Club forum, where the commenter claimed a Tesla service advisor said the redesign would come soon after the unveiling of the Model 3 in March. Read more at Green Car Reports, and see a rendering of the updated Model S at Electrek.

Tesla is expected to report its fourth quarter deliveries on January 4. According to Trip Chowdhry, analyst at Global Equities, Tesla likely delivered more than 18,300 vehicles, which is toward the high end of the predicted 17,000 to 19,000 units. While the first two weeks of the quarter were slow, says Chowdhry, "During the last 45 days of this quarter, the Delivery Truck activity at the factory has been extremely strong," likely three times that of Q3. It seems 98 percent of customers opted for the Autopilot feature, and 70 percent chose the D models. The most popular color was dark blue. Read more from Benzinga.

Teslarati has reviewed a pet cargo cover for the Tesla Model S. The author, Electric Jen, purchased the K and H Manufacturing Economy Cargo Cover, which is available for less than $30. The cover successfully contained an "accident" from the dog, and was subsequently hosed off and hung to dry. The cover protects the entirety of the seatbacks, floor and sides of the Model S's cargo area, keeping the dog's tan hair off of the car's black leather interior. When finished, the hair shook free of the cover with ease. The author gives the aftermarket cargo cover her recommendation, and suggests its usefulness not just for pets, but for any messy cargo that needs to be contained. Read the full review at Teslarati.

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