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Mazda's Tokyo concepts have us wishing for more Mazdaspeed

Mazda Roadster RS Racing Concept
Mazda Roadster RS Racing Concept / Image Credit: Mazda
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It's been a while since we've seen any new Mazdaspeed machinery, and we're sorry to report that today isn't the day the wait ends. But if you want to see what they might look like based on Mazda's latest models, the Tokyo Auto Salon will be the place to be in a couple of weeks. Turns out the Zoom-Zoom brand has a whole raft of performance models in store for the aftermarket expo.

Most intriguing to our eyes is the trio of Racing concepts – one based on the MX-5 Miata roadster, one on the CX-3 crossover, and one on the Mazda6 sedan. Each is done up in black with full aero kit, new rolling stock, and Alcantara interior. An adjustable suspension is the big change to the MX-5 – known simply as the Mazda Roadster in Japan – which also features red trim. As does the CX-3, while the Atenza (which we know as the Mazda6) goes for a more monochromatic, murdered-out appearance.

The rally-prepped Mazda2 (known domestically as the Demio) focuses on a stripped-out interior with bucket seats, racing harnesses and a roll cage. There's a spec racing MX-5 in white livery with roll cage and tow hooks as well to join the Global Cup roadster we've already seen. That also goes for the RX-Vision and LM55 Vision Grand Turismo concepts which have already made the rounds but will be on display at the Tokyo salon as well. But it's those three Racing concepts that leave us salivating for production performance models to come – and hopefully come to North America in the process.

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