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Cop jumps on runaway semi to save driver

Emergency service personnel risk life and limb to help those in need, and this video is a prime example. Caught on another cruiser's dashcam, the footage shows a semi truck lumbering down Highway 81 in Norfolk, Nebraska, blowing past Madison County law enforcement. Deputies weight their options over the radio as the truck approaches a busy intersection.

When it becomes apparent that the truck driver is incapacitated, one of the deputies breaks away from the pack and positions himself ahead of the impromptu convoy. In a scene straight out of CHiPS, he then jumps onto the runaway truck, opens the door, reaches across the driver and applies the brake, bringing the vehicle to a halt. Deputies are then able to pull the driver from the vehicle.

A runaway semi is no joke. If it wasn't for the actions of one quick-thinking and heroic deputy, who knows how this situation might have unfolded.

This article was written by Max Goldberg for The Drive, and you can read the rest here. It is reprinted here with permission.

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