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Texas plumber Mark Oberholtzer has filed a lawsuit for over $1 million against AutoNation Ford Gulf Freeway, a car dealer in Houston, TX, after a photo last year clearly showed his Ford F-250 fighting as a gun platform in Syria. The truck still had the company's name and phone number on the side, causing his company to be inundated them with angry phone calls and threats. The story got so big that Stephen Colbert even joked about it on his Comedy Central show. Watch that segment below.

When Oberholtzer traded in the F-250, the dealer allegedly told him that their staff would remove the decals themselves, according to The Dallas Morning News. That clearly didn't happen, and the pickup went to auction in Dallas. By late Dec. 2013, the truck was on a boat for Turkey and somehow made it to Syria to join the fighting there.

The agony for Oberholtzer, his family, and business began when the photo hit Twitter in Dec. 2014. According to the lawsuit, some people thought he sympathized with Syrian fighters, not realizing he was just a person caught up in a situation outside of his control. Things were so bad that Oberholtzer left town for a week, and Homeland Security and the FBI even visited him.

Oberholtzer allegedly tried to work things out with the dealer during the firestorm of controversy, according to The Dallas Morning News. However, the company reportedly claimed that it was not responsible for removing the decals'. Now the two sides have to work things out in court.

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