Jay Leno joins the dark side with Darth Vader's car

There still isn't a better Star Wars villain than Darth Vader. The Sith Lord defines menacing with his black suit, deep voice, and a penchant for choking underlings. Maybe The Force Awakens can introduce a better bad guy when the film hits theaters in the coming days, but Vader remains king until then. Jay Leno now shows some respect for the dark side of the force by welcoming Darth's car into his garage. This isn't just the tiny Hot Wheels toy, but the fully drivable version that premiered last year at San Diego Comic-Con.

The car's design clearly evokes Vader's iconic helmet, but it still looks like a mean hot rod. Designer Bryan Benedict also shows Leno a few other Star Wars touches in the styling, like the light saber side pipes and Imperial logos on the wheels. One of the coolest features is that the roof rises out of the way to let in passengers, which is a small nod to a scene from The Empire Strikes Back.

Underneath the Vader-inspired shape, the car uses a heavily modified C6 Chevrolet Corvette platform, and Jay gets to take it for a short drive. Leno even leans into the dark side with some maniacal laughter while behind the wheel.

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