We think we've already seen the 2017 Ford Fusion, but that doesn't mean Ford just wants to shove the car into our faces before the official unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show next month. Teases, though? Automakers love teases. Even for a car as staid as the Fusion.

That's why Ford is displaying a blanketed vehicle at an auto show preview event today in Detroit. Next to the covered car is a sign that says, "Top Secret: Do not move until 01.11.2016." From the chatter on the street, what we're looking at here is not just the new Fusion, but the Energi model, i.e., the plug-in hybrid version. If Ford sticks with its current strategy, the Energi and standard models will look nearly identical, but there is a cord sticking into the side of the car and there's no way this is a pure EV, so Energi model it is.

Based on an earlier suspected leak, the new Fusion has a slightly different and wider grille with some new headlights on either side. Whatever the 2017 Fusion ends up looking like, we can be pretty sure it won't stray too far from the current model. Or course, we're more interested in potential improvements that Ford may make to the powertrain and fuel economy than updated cosmetics. The current Fusion Energi gets 38 combined miles per gallon, 40 city, and 36 highway. Since it plugs in, it also gets 88 combined MPGe. We haven't heard Ford touting massive improvements in those numbers for this minor refresh, but we'll take what we can get from the Blue Oval.

Ford Fusion Energi Information

Ford Fusion Energi

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