UPDATE: We spoke to Grey NY creative director João Coutinho about the Bosch ad, who offered some insight about his company's creation. His comments can be found at the bottom of the post.

Bosch has scared up a truly bizarre commercial starring a band of zombified roadkill puppets that rise from the dead each night to sing to drivers about the dangers of old wiper blades. There's even a rapping skunk.

A dead squirrel with haunting green eyes pops up from the road to start singing R&B, and a deceased deer then picks up the next verse. The spot, somehow, gets weirder from there. There's even a website that delves into the backstories of these deceased woodland creatures and "what they're doing in their afterlife."

The whole video is strangely mesmerizing, the tune is distressingly catchy, and we'd like to say the zombie creatures are endearing ... but they're actually sort of disturbing. The ad was produced in collaboration with The Humane Society as part of an initiative to protect the lives of wild animals. The message is a helpful one, but the medium is a bit unusual. Let us know what you think of this ad in the comments below.

When creating the ad, Grey decided to focus on safety and show how Bosch's wipers allowed people to see the road better. "We ultimately realized that there is an untold story that millions of animals are killed by motorists every week," Coutinho said to Autoblog. "No one is really talking about this, so we wanted a piece that could break through the clutter and raise interest to this overlooked issue."

The people at Bosch initially thought the commercial was "quite eccentric," according to Coutinho. "To their credit and bravery, they agreed to move forward and the spot is being very well received," he said. A 15-second teaser version will even appear on TV to push people toward the full clip on YouTube.

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