We might not ordinarily run a seven-minute clip of in-car footage. But this is no ordinary car, it's not being driven by any ordinary driver, and it wasn't put up by just any YouTube user. This is video of a Ferrari 250 GTO once raced by Phil Hill, being driven by his son, Derek Hill, in a hillclimb for Petrolicious.

The footage was captured during the making of a previous clip, entitled The Ferrari 250 GTO Speaks for Itself and released over a year ago. Since it was left over after production, the Petrolicious uploaded it here for our enjoyment. Of course the GTO should require no introduction, being one of the most sought-after classics the world has ever known. And neither should Derek Hill. While the former's clout goes without saying, Hill's skills warrant repeating.

The late legend Phil Hill was one of the few Americans to succeed in European racing in the 1960s, with a Formula One World Championship title and three Le Mans wins to his name. Derek may never have reached his father's level of success, but he's won races and titles in both formula and sports-car racing, and was among the last to professionally race a Bugatti when he campaigned an EB110 at Daytona back in 1996. The point is, the guy can drive, and you can see that much for yourself from the video above.

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