Police have apologized to the driver of a car that was repeatedly struck by a semi truck driver in a terrifying act of road rage last month. Despite numerous emergency calls, no one came to Matthew Stockdale's aid until he was already in the hospital.

Stockdale was driving down the M1 near Northampton, England when a truck quickly came up behind him flashing its brights and blaring its horn. After the truck drove disturbingly close to Stockdale's car it passed him on the right, but not before it got a few hits in. Stockdale called 999, Britain's emergency number, six times looking for help.

"I honestly thought I was going to die," he wrote in a police statement, the BBC reported. "My life literally rushed before my eyes. Whilst that sounds dramatic, I can honestly say I have never felt fear like it. I began shaking uncontrollably."

The truck driver used his massive rig to bash Stockdale's car several times. There was a 15 minute pause before the driver struck Stockdale's car again. Emergency operators had to keep sending his call to different police jurisdictions. None of the police he was transferred to responded to his calls for help.

Stockdale followed the truck to a depot. He then went to an emergency room with head and neck pain. Three hours after his initial call, an officer from Bedfordshire Police finally arrived to take Stockdale's statement at the hospital. Police in Northamptonshire, the department Stockdale was initially directed to on his first call, apologized for their mishandling of the situation. No arrests have been made or charges filled, however the company the truck driver worked for confirmed that he is no longer making deliveries.

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