More secrets of EV manufacturer Faraday Future revealed

Faraday Future remains a secretive company, but in an interview with The Verge they've put a few faces in front of the camera to answer questions about their electric car vision. Nick Sampson was the director of vehicle and chassis engineering at Tesla, but now he's the senior vice president of R&D and engineering at Faraday. Faraday head of design Richard Kim was formerly the lead exterior designer the BMW X1, i3, and i8, and recent word is that the company will show its first concept at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

Sampson says a number of things we're already used to hearing from mainstream makers heading toward autonomous vehicles, like that the car should know you and learn your preferences. He also says that you shouldn't need transfer your plans from one place to another - like from your home computer to your car - by hand, but tech like Android Auto and Apple Carplay address that right now. More interesting is when Sampson says that your car should "perhaps just turn up when you need it" when it knows you need to go somewhere. And you might not own the car; instead, there might be a subscription model so that you can pre-book it on your phone.

We're still waiting to find out where the $1-billion Faraday Future factory is going to be built, but Sampson says they're already testing electric components on California roads, and they're collating the data to begin building prototype parts of the car. Kim says they're designing the vehicle from the inside out, which makes sense as LeTV, the Chinese company called 'The Netflix of China' backing FF, has said it sees this vehicle as another place to consume content. With their first effort due in 2017 we should start getting more answers shortly. Check out the interview in the video above.

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