• Image Credit: Wunderlich
Two wheel-drive motorcycles aren\\\\\\'t new, but more mainstream and niche companies are now dabbling in the technology. German aftermarket shop Wunderlich is the latest, creating the two-wheel drive BMW R1200GS LC by placing a 7.6-kilowatt hub motor on the front wheel.

Wunderlich worked with Italian company Evolt on the innovation, good for 12 miles per hour by itself without the help of the boxer-powered rear wheel. Regenerative braking energy is stored in a small battery pack under the motorcycle\\\\\\'s front beak. Powered action works in forward, as well as in reverse up to three miles per hour. The rider is able to choose direction with a toggle switch in the cockpit. Wunderlich hasn\\\\\\'t said yet how power to the front wheel is controlled or if it is simply always fully on or off.

It weighs 525 pounds, and has an allowable payload of another 467 pounds. Powering the front wheel, even with just 7.6 kW, would help move all that weight around in good conditions and could be a godsend in tough stuff out on the trail. Wunderlich showed off its creation at this year\\\\\\'s EICMA motorcycle show in Italy, we have a feeling some BMW owners will be waiting for word on production possibilities once the show is over.

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