Sticking your feet out of a car window is just about one of the least classy things you can do. So now YouTube user and motorcycle fan Zim Killgore is on a mission: to grab those toes and let people know their feet do not go unnoticed.

The feet in question were pretty tempting. Clad in bright long socks, the owner of the feet let it all hang out from the backseat of a car speeding down a freeway. It's important to note that you should always properly sit in a car in case of a crash. It's hard to imagine this person is wearing a seatbelt as they cool their heels in the back seat, or if they are, that the safety device will work as intended. The Centers for Disease Control found that proper seatbelt use reduced serious injuries and mortality in car crashes by half.

Killgore, the feet-grabbing video-taker, isn't without blame, either. He got uncomfortably close to the car on the freeway just to squeeze a dangling foot. Had an accident occurred, there would be video proof that the last thing he did in this life was cause death and destruction just to mess with someone on the freeway. Since the video was posted three days ago it has received over two million views. Killgore issued a warning along with the video: 'Dont (sic) stick your feet out the car or else ill grab em.'

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