Throw this on the pile of stuff you saw on Autoblog but should never try at home. Last year, YouTube user Jacob Hughes uploaded a video of his 6-year-old son steering a speeding motorcycle down a desert road. According to LaneSplitter, the video resurfaced last week on the popular forum Reddit, so let's take a second look at why this is so suicidally dangerous. In the clip, the dad released his grip on the handlebars and let his little one take control of a Harley-Davidson T-Sport. The kid had obviously done this before, as he knows how to use the throttle. Not only did dad let the kid take over, he leaned back so he couldn't take over in the likely event of an emergency. After nearly a minute the dad leans forward.

"This is my idea of raising my son right!" Hughes wrote in the comments. "Thanks for the views and comments!" Many wrote in support of Hughes. So many in fact that Hughes made t-shirts and stickers available for purchase in support of...something. We're not entirely sure, since he directs commenters to his Facebook page, but doesn't provide a link. Plenty of other commenters take Hughes to task for putting his son's life at risk. Indeed, blazing down the road on a bike with you 6-year-old wearing nothing but a t-shirt seems down right idiotic. After all, motorcycles are not toys. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported in 2013 the number of deaths on motorcycles was over 26 times the number in cars.

There has been a spat of several stories about tots behind the wheel this year, all of them are heart-attack inducing. Just last month, this video of a kid driving down a busy freeway in Saudi Arabia made waves across the Internet. Occasionally, the saner parent steps in, like when this mom saw a video of her her ex-husband allowing their 12-year-old to drive an big rig.

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