Alfa Romeo 4C La Furiosa revealed by Lapo Elkann's Garage Italia

Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs profile
  • Image Credit: Garage Italia Customs
  • Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs profile
  • Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs front
  • Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs rear
  • Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs taillight
  • Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs tail detail
  • Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs intake detail
  • Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs vent detail
  • Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs side mirror detail
  • Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs interior
  • Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs cockpit
  • Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs dashboard
  • Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs door panel
  • Alfa Romeo 4C by Garage Italia Customs engine
Visitors to the Dubai Motor Show who stopped by the Alfa Romeo stand were treated to this aesthetically modified 4C created by Garage Italia Customs. To make this particular example stand apart from an "ordinary" Alfa 4C, the customizers cloaked it in a velvet matte-finish red, similar to the original show car. The roof was left in exposed carbon fiber, fading into red, like the engine cover and brake calipers. The trim around the headlights, air vents, and side mirrors has been left in carbon fiber with a thin coat of candy red that leaves the weave exposed. The wheels are painted gold, and the interior is swathed in Alcantara.

The creation was made for Alfa Romeo by the customizing firm started by Lapo Elkann. The eccentric brother of Fiat Chrysler chairman John Elkann is himself an heir to the Agnelli empire, and has played a variety of roles in the company - including brand promotion and the creation of the Gucci edition Cinquecento. Alongside fashion house Italia Independent, Lapo founded Garage Italia Customs to apply his unique sense of style and that of his team to models like the Fiat 500, Jeep Renegade, and Maserati Ghibli.

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Milano, November 10th 2015
Garage Italia Customs in Dubai with Alfa Romeo 4C "La Furiosa"

On the occasion of the 2015 Dubai International Motor Show, Garage Italia Customs presents a world premiere, La Furiosa, the 4C one-off created for Alfa Romeo.

La Furiosa is the result of the meeting between the "Mechanics of Emotions" and the Style Center together with the Maestros of Garage Italia Customs. It is a unique model that combines the high level technical characteristics of this Alfa Romeo and the Tailor Made interventions of the Lapo Elkann team specialists.


The stage for the debut of this new creation by Carlo Borromeo - head of the Garage Italia Customs Style Centre – is the Alfa Romeo stand at the Dubai International Motor Show. Hence, La Furiosa is unveiled to the international press next to the Alfa Romeo 510 CV Giulia Quadrifoglio and the latest versions of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio, the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupé and the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider.

The aim of the Garage is to create a car which emphasises the 4C wild style with a strong and extraordinary aesthetic impact.

Special toned-down painting characterises the external livery. The black carbon fibre roof, which allows a half-view of the weave, gradually fades to "Accursio" red, the original opalescent tonality, with "Velvet Touch" finishing. The name of this colour was chosen to honour the new headquarters in Piazzale Accursio, Milan, which will be operative from Spring/Summer 2016.

The technique used to obtain this result is exquisitely hand-done and only a few experts in the world would be able to duplicate it with such mastery and precision. Moreover, it is worth emphasizing that the particular opaque opalescent red was entirely developed by the Style Centre of Garage Italia Customs, using the classic Alfa Romeo range of colours as a starting point.

The gradient shading continues on the rear cover of the engine, giving the car's silhouette powerful chromatic harmony. The same shading is found on the brake calipers, where the white Alfa Romeo writing stands out.

For the carbon components which characterise the 4C - like the front lights units, the air vents and lateral mirrors - the Garage team has instead chosen an elegant candy red. It has been virtuously applied in order to leave the peculiar weave of this ultralight material in view, so giving the car a more uniform look.


The partnership with Alcantara®, the brand which is a Made in Italy emblem in the field of upholstery, has made it possible for the Garage specialists to use a unique material. Its innate aesthetic and technical characteristics give La Furiosa cabin an unmatched and exclusive sensory atmosphere.

Following the chromatic choices of the project, the interiors have been completely upholstered in red Alcantara®: dashboard, centre console and door panels. Instead, a black perforated version of the famous Italian material characterises the central part of the seat covers, with contrasting backing and red sides. We find the two-coloured chromatic match again on the steering wheel, which is upholstered with contrasting seams.

The manufacturing of the pillars is also very particular. A special toned-down Alcantara® has been applied here. It was obtained through digital printing, resulting in the same gradient effect of the bodywork painting. The headliner is in black Alcantara®.


The main aim of Garage Italia Customs is to place its clients and their creative requirements back "in the spotlight", in a world that has been more and more standardised and where number prevails over subjectivity.

Just as a tailor-made outfit follows the lines of the body harmoniously, Garage Italia Customs aims at making any vehicle unique, be it a car, a motorbike, a plane, a helicopter or a yacht. It re-elaborates the clients' very wishes with a tailor-made service that involves the study of detail, balance of the components and research of materials.

The équipe working at Garage Italia Customs is made up of the team that created the Tailor Made service for Ferrari and the best technicians specialised in the automotive sector, specifically in the field of wrapping, painting and upholstery of interiors. They are the "Maestros", as Lapo Elkann himself defines them, and their unique skills are of absolute excellence in this work. The "Maestros" are backed up by the Style Centre, which is the pulsating heart of all the activities. It is a meeting place for the design team, where the ideas and dreams of clients intersect with the aesthetic taste of the experts of the Garage. Here, the abstract concepts are elaborated into digital images by use of the most modern technologies. The clients are guided in the choice of the right chromatic combinations and the most refined materials; their taste and needs are respected. While waiting to move to Piazzale Accursio in Spring/Summer 2016, the Garage Italia Customs operative headquarters are in via Alfredo Pizzoni 1, Milan.

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