Woman keying luxury car caught on tape

Toronto police are on the hunt for a disguised woman who was caught on camera Sunday keying a car. The woman sported a red bandana over her face and baseball cap as she ran up to the Lincoln MKS in a driveway, the Toronto Star reported. She then went to town with a sharp object, gleefully scratching the car's paint job. She runs off after nearly a minute of enthusiastic damage.

Police believe the victim and the vandal know each other, since the Lincoln is the only car in the neighborhood she hit. This is also the third time this particular car has been damaged. They suspect this woman is responsible for the previous incidents. Toronto police told the Star that it will likely cost Lincoln owner thousands to have his car repaired.

Security cameras are great for catching vandals in the act, though the videos are difficult for any car enthusiast to watch. Take for instance this video from London in April of a man scratching an Aston Martin while pushing a baby stroller.

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