Hyundai says, maybe driverless cars won't be so bad

The allure of autonomous driving for many people is the tech's ability to free up their time behind the wheel from paying attention to the road. However, the driverless future might also increase the mobility of folks all over the world. Toyota's recent billion-dollar research investment aims to tackle both of these questions, and Hyundai now has a moving commercial that offers a glimpse at some of these possibilities.

Hyundai also used a clever approach to show off its driver assistance systems in an ad last year, but this time it took a more emotional style to demonstrate the future. We don't want to spoil the optimistic spot's hook, but the video stars a little boy who just wants to drive. The way that he does it is heartwarming and beautifully shot. The commercial is in Korean, but like any good piece of marketing, the visuals break down the language barrier.

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Hyundai Sonata

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