Faraday Future is an intriguing company, apparently committed to maintaining a leaky bit of secrecy at the same time as it searches for a location for a $1 billion factory that will build its mysterious electric car. Now, one of its ex-employees recently has revealed himself to be at least at quixotic as his former employer.

Marcus Nelson was the head of communications at Faraday, a fascinating bit of corporate chicanery in itself since the company almost never said anything publicly - although Nelson did host at one cocktail mixer on the record. After leaving the position this week he posted an unusual letter about his departure on the site Medium; Nelson included a paragraph about what happened but that paragraph is blacked out, just like you see in classified documents, because of course the first rule of Faraday Future is that you don't talk about Faraday Future. That hasn't stopped us from learning some background information about the company, though, like that it's likely backed by Chinese technology company LeTV.

Turns out, Nelson's brief missive - just 183 readable words - is a slick shout-out intended to find a new job. Nelson's got quite the background and he's keen to stay in the EV space, but that's negotiable. What isn't negotiable, by the looks of it, is his desire to join a team devoted to compassionate commerce. As for Faraday Future wanting to challenge Tesla, well, so far they pair up nicely in the secrecy and strange goings-on departments.

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