Fiat teases upcoming new 124 roadster

Fiat 124 Teaser London
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  • Fiat 124 Teaser London
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Enthusiasts have been waiting for some time for the debut of the Fiat 124. And we've had some pretty good glimpses at what to expect along the way. But now Fiat has dropped the first official teaser images to prepare us for the arrival of its upcoming new roadster.

The model tipped to revive the number 124 represents Fiat's version of the program that has already given us the new Mazda MX-5 Miata. The Italian counterpart was originally slated to wear the Alfa Romeo badge, but concerns that customers wouldn't welcome an Alfa made in Japan led FCA to repurpose the program as a Fiat. That brand already produces its vehicles in locations around the world, including the 500 in Poland and Mexico, the 500L in Serbia, and the upcoming Tipo in Turkey. Another Fiat made in Japan, then, wouldn't be as much of a stretch as it would be for Alfa Romeo, which manufactures exclusively in Italy.

As we were able to see from the most recent spy shots, the Fiat 124 will adopt similar (if not identical) proportions and layout to the MX-5, but with its own unique sheetmetal. And that, as you can see from these line drawings, will include a prominent belt line melding into a muscular rear haunch. Expect FCA's own engines to slot in under the hood, including the turbo four from the Fiat 500 Abarth and the more potent one from the Alfa Romeo 4C.

Given Fiat's timing in releasing these teasers, we have a good feeling the 124 could debut at the LA Auto Show later this month. The SoCal auto expo always proves a good setting at which to unveil a new convertible – especially one as vital to a brand's US presence as the 124 will be for Fiat. So watch this space.

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