Go ahead and make fun of us. Call us names, even. But some of us here at AutoblogGreen have this (perhaps irrational) infatuation with battery-powered, three-wheeled vehicles. Usually that affection goes unrequited – think Aptera, the Cree SAM, Triac, the Myers Motors NMG/Corbin Sparrow (we could go on) – but hope springs eternal that one day our feelings will be returned by some triple-tired contraption. Our optimism for the Archimoto-mobile and Morgan EV3 remains high.

We say all that to explain our idiosyncratic mindset, as we introduce to you the sweet yellow number you see in the video above called the Sôki. Adorbs, isn't it? Designed by Daniel Pavez, founder of the Chilean outfit VoZE EV, the first ten examples are expected to go into production in March of 2016, with a bit of financial help from the Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO). Named for the number two in a local Patagonian language – the quantity of passengers it seats – this particular prototype is currently traveling about various cities in its native land ginning up interest and, we hope, sales.

Powered by a slight 7-kW (10-horsepower) motor, the Sôki is electronically limited to a top speed of 60 kph (37 miles per hour). Its 7-kWh lithium battery offers up a range of 60 km (37 miles), thus making it more appropriate for an urban environment. The price is said to be 8,250,000 Chilean pesos ($11,828 at today's prices).

Since it's quite unlikely this vehicle will make its way to the Northern Hemisphere (that sound you hear is our tears spilling onto our keyboard), you can keep up with the company's efforts on its Facebook page. Buena suerte, mi amor. Buena suerte.

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