The owner of a 1973 Ferrari 365 Daytona in Australia is singing Wish You Were Here after thieves stole his red Italian coupe, which counts Pink Floyd lyricist Roger Waters as a former owner. The car was at a mechanic in Melbourne when the brazen crooks rammed open the shop's door in the early morning. They needed just four minutes to get away with the Daytona and a 328 GTB, according to The Drive.

This Daytona carries an estimated value of 2.5 million Australian dollars ($1.8 million), and it counts a string of celebrity owners, according to The Age. James Hunt allegedly drove it because the coupe once had a connection to the Hesketh Formula One team. Waters used the car to go to Pink Floyd's recording studio, and magnate Mohamed Al Fayed later had the Ferrari also. He gave it to his son Dodi – Princess Diana's boyfriend when she died.

The Daytona wasn't just another brick in the wall to the owner, either. "I don't have any other sport cars, that was the one," he said to The Age. The car just completed a restoration three weeks ago, and it was at the mechanic to sort an alternator problem.

Police are still searching for the perpetrators. The 328 was reportedly spotted about 4 miles away after the robbery, but the car was gone when the cops went to check.

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