Usually, calling the cops when you see a child being put inside the trunk of a car is a reasonable response. Watch carefully, though, if that car is a Tesla Model S.

On Oct. 30, a neighbor saw a man stuffing a child into the trunk of a car. They called 911. YouTube user Henry Wettstein uploaded security camera footage of what happened next. Police responded, thinking that a kidnapping or at least a serious case of neglect was occurring. Two cruisers immediately descended on the driver as he pulled his Tesla into a driveway. The cops seem tense and are all business in the video, until he opened the trunk and pulled out a little girl.

"Are there seats in there?" one of the officers asked. "Nice. I like that." The cops have a relieved laugh with the family, though they still ask the man for identification. The rear-facing seats are a $3,000- option on the Model S. The seats are the perfect size for children who love the novelty of backwards travel. They are almost like jump seats. They fold up when not in use and even include a five-point harness style seat belt.

It's a pretty cool feature, but it does have the potential to freak out the neighbors. No one should hesitate to call the police if they think a child is in danger. And besides, the occasional traffic stop will give Tesla owners a chance to show off their electric cars to the cops.

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