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Daimler boss says VW scandal dings 'Made in Germany' brand

"Made in X." "A product of X." "From X with pride." Virtually every country on the globe attaches some kind of moniker to the products it sells, and they generally carry a lot of weight. A Swiss-made watch is better than one made in China, and an Italian suit is better than something from Vietnam. For cars, the "Made In" label is a bit trickier, and is certainly open to opinions. That doesn't mean there isn't some nationalistic pride in play.

With the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal, there's real concern among at least one German that Wolfsburg has caused serious damage to the "Made In Germany" label. Daimler-Benz boss Dr. Dieter Zetsche called VW's use of emissions-cheating devices "a blow to our industry."

"I think a strength of 'Made in Germany' and of the German auto industry is a perception that these are reliable brands and you can trust them," Zetsche said at a meeting of the Economic Club of Washington, The Detroit News reports. "It's up to us to rebuild that trust because we haven't done anything wrong."

Zetsche also took the opportunity to reaffirm that Mercedes-Benz has never and will never use defeat devices in its vehicles. The exec also said he doesn't think the company has lost any sales from VW's cheating.

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