Cop performs life-saving CPR on baby

A state trooper in Ohio was recognized for his heroism Tuesday for saving a nine-month-old baby's life during a traffic stop in September. Ohio State Trooper Matthew Stoffer received a Certificate of Recognition for aiding a frantic man who was rushing his baby girl to the hospital.

Stoffer was investigating reports of a car driving erratically on US 42 when he spotted a man speeding down the highway with the emergency flashers on. Upon pulling him over, the driver yelled out of his window for help. His baby daughter wasn't breathing.

"Just holding a lifeless baby in your hands; it's something I never want to do again," Stoffer told Fox 8. "But it just wasn't responding to me, so I had the dad open the front door and place the child on the driver seat and just immediately began chest compressions."

After a few tense seconds the baby began breathing on her own, though she was still unconscious when the ambulance arrived. She was air lifted to Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH. The child was released from the hospital, but there are no reports on her condition or what caused the medical emergency.

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