Dramatic meteor captured on dash cam in Thailand

A dashboard camera in Thailand caught dramatic footage of a meteor lighting up the night sky with a green glow as it fell to Earth Sunday night. The video was taken in Thailand's eastern Chonburi province and has gone viral, garnering over two million views since it was uploaded yesterday.

People in multiple providences across Thailand also reported seeing the green flash, and there were sightings of the object in New York and Poland, according to the International Business Times. Observers told NBC the sky lit up almost as bright as day with the eerie green glow.

The Thai Astronomical Society says the phenomenon was expected and is likely part of the annual Taurid meteor shower. They said more meteors are on the way, according to the Bangkok Post. Dash cams have been filming meteorites since the early days of the technology. In 2014, a Russian dash cam caught this brilliant meteor flashing across the sky as part of the Lyrid meteor shower.

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