Allowing owners to view vast amounts of data about their vehicle via its onboard diagnostics is nothing new, but a recently launched Kickstarter for the Voyo from Voyomotive wants to take the concept to the next level by adding even more helpful tech. The company claims access to all of this info can assist drivers in being safer and more efficient behind the wheel. The device makes the tools available from a person's smartphone.

The standard Voyo Controller consists of a Bluetooth-equipped gadget that plugs into a vehicle's OBD-II port. This little device enables most of the service's standard features, including a driving log to monitor fuel use, access to some fault codes, event alerts, tracking the vehicle's location, and unlocking the doors. Additionally, the company offers relays compatible with certain General Motors, Ford, and Toyota models that can activate things like immobilization via the app. Two relays can even allow a form of stop/start by shutting off the engine when pressing the brake pedal in a specific way.

Finally, there's an upgrade to Voyomotive's Premium Pack of services that adds features like proximity controls for the immobilizer, locks, and trunk based on how close the owner's smartphone is. Plus, users can set periods when the vehicle can't be started, and they have access to more diagnostic codes.

The Voyo's Kickstarter ends November 21, and the campaign's $50,000 goal is already met. Early birds can get the Controller for $90 with lifetime access to the Premium Pack or - when those are gone - $100 gets it with three years of premium service. A bundle with the relay requires backing for $200 and also comes with endless use of the subscription features.

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