Motorists rescue jogger from storm drain

Two friends in Michigan who thought they were the targets of a Halloween prank ended up saving a woman's life Tuesday night. Brandon Noorman and Jay Niewiek were driving down Division Avenue in Cutlerville, MI, when they spotted a shoe on a piece of styrofoam waving from a storm grate, Fox 17 reported. Thinking someone had planted the shoe to scare people, they pulled over and started recording the scene with their cellphones. When they looked closer they quickly realized that this was no prank.

They had come across a jogger who was out for an evening workout when she fell into a storm drain. She was in waist deep cold water and so deep inside the drain she couldn't climb out. Instead, she found a piece of styrofoam, put her running shoe on top of it, and began trying to flag down drivers. Two and a half hours passed before Noorman and Niewiek stopped. The pair pulled her out of the drain and called police. City workers said there was nothing wrong with the drain. The jogger just had the bad luck of landing on it the wrong way. The jogger did not want to speak to camera, but told reporters that she is feeling fine and did not suffer any injuries. She told Fox 17 that at least 20 cars passed before the two friends stopped. She feels lucky they came along when they did.

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