Greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun, where we're wrapping up our coverage of this year's Tokyo Motor Show. There's plenty to see within the walls of Tokyo Big Sight this year, with important concepts mixing it up with cute little kei cars, not to mention lots of vending machines filled with interesting beverages. Good stuff.

It's easy to miss the news from Tokyo, what with the huge time difference between Japan and the United States. Thankfully, we've compiled all of our posts into the usual, handy-dandy roundup format. Have a look at everything that shined in Tokyo this year, below.

With a fresh coat of matte red paint, Nissan's 2020 Vision Gran Turismo concept looks fresh as ever, and ready to take Tokyo by storm.

Typically, when we think Yamaha, we think motorcycles or powersports stuff. But now, we're thinking cars, because Yamaha brought a really enticing coupe concept to this year's Tokyo Motor Show.

The 2016 BMW M4 GTS makes more power, weighs less, and looks super cool. Too bad BMW tucked it behind a wall for its Tokyo Motor Show debut.

While it looks quite odd at first, the idea behind the Toyota Kikai concept is to expose a car's basic, mechanical elements. The vehicle beautifully achieves that simple goal.

Toyota took the wraps off a baby FR-S in Tokyo today, finally giving the new S-FR Concept its big reveal. The rear-driver is just slightly bigger than a Mini.

It Glows And Has No Steering Wheel; It's Got To Be From The Future

The Toyota FCV Plus Concept has a lot of crazy going on its blue and white bubble.

Subaru has a more powerful, race-inspired WRX STI at the Tokyo Motor Show called the S207, but it's limited to just 400 units for the Japanese market. About half of the examples get a carbon fiber wing for the NBR Challenge Package.

Honda has a bevy of concept bikes on display at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, including the three-wheeled Neowing, Grom 50 Scramblers, updated Cubs, and the CB Concept.

Mitsubishi offers a preview of the future at the Tokyo Motor Show with its all-wheel drive, EV crossover concept called the eX.

Mighty Deck, Air Triser, And Ignis Trail Take The Stage

Suzuki has taken the occasion of the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show to present a trio of conceptual oddities in the Mighty Deck off-roader, Air Triser microvan, and Ignis Trail soft-road hatchback concepts.

Lexus reveals the LF-FC concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, providing a glimpse at what the next-generation LS flagship luxury sedan could look like.

There Are Far Too Many LED Screens In This EV

Nissan introduces the Teatro For Dayz Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, which is packed with ways to distract the driver.

Mercedes-Benz arrives at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show with the Vision Tokyo concept, its idea of what the self-driving mobile lounge of the future could look like.

The latest concept in Subaru's Viziv series foretells a new look for the company's SUVs, as well as some updated hybrid and all-wheel-drive tech.

Honda will finally make the Odyssey Hybrid a real thing, in Japan at least.

Among the concepts Honda brought to its home motor show are a pair of "mobility solutions," with the compact Wander Stand car, and the Wander Walker scooter.

The Mercedes Vision Tokyo Concept imagines the minivan of the future as an autonomous silver lozenge that pampers its passengers with high-tech gadgets. Inside, there's a holographic entertainment system, and power comes from a hydrogen fuel cell.

Honda's Hydrogen History: FCX, FCX Clarity, Clarity Fuel Cell

The name of the upcoming Honda hydrogen vehicle will be the Clarity Fuel Cell. If that name sounds familiar, you've been paying attention.

This Isn't The Second-Gen Leaf, Is It?

Nissan introduces Intelligent Drive autonomous tech at the 2015 Tokyo Show with the IDS Concept, an all-electric vehicle with a big 60-kWh battery pack.

Skyactiv-R Announced, We're Stoked

Mazda's new concept car looks great, but its the announcement of a next-generation rotary engine that has us buzzing (and adding just a bit of oil).

There's a new Subaru Impreza coming in late 2016, as a 2017 model. And while we don't know any specifics about Fuji Heavy's new compact, we know it'll look something like the concept seen here.

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