Gran Turismo Sport is not Gran Turismo 7. It's actually bigger and far more ambitious than that. The first game in the series to come to the latest Playstation will bring much, much more than additional cars, more tracks, and prettier graphics to its gamers. Series boss Kaz Yamauchi aims to change not only the way racing games are played, but why drivers play them.

The series, which along with its arch-rival Forza Motorsport, has made a habit of appearing in real-world racing series as a sponsor. But with GTS, developer Polyphony Digital has actually allied itself with the FIA to award real, physical prizes for gamers. According to Playstation Blog, there will be two FIA-sanctioned online championships for gamers to compete in. In the Nations Cup, players will rep their country, while the Manufacturers Cup lets gamers drive for their favorite automaker. Prizes for winning these series will even be awarded at an FIA prize ceremony. Yes, it looks like racing games are set to go the way of League of Legends and other e-sports titans.

Yamauchi calls GTS a figurative "rebirth" of motorsports, and that it's about creating the "next 100 years of motorsports." Lofty goals for sure, but GTS will do much more for racing gamers than bring them real-world glory. It'll also mark the first time a blockbuster racing title has appeared in virtual reality.

Yes, Gran Turismo Sport will be coming to Playstation VR, a headset that isn't unlike the Oculus Rift. Details are limited, according to our sister publication, Engadget, but the arrival of GTS on the system is both a testament to how serious Sony is taking the technology and its willingness to give racing gamers the most immersive experience possible.

You can check out the announcement trailer for Gran Turismo Sport, which followed its debut at Paris Games Week yesterday, below.

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