Woman with in-car karaoke system sings her heart out

We all like to sing in the car, but one woman in China wanted to do more than just perform back-up vocals on all her favorite songs. A journalist with a Chengdu newspaper caught this amateur crooner singing karaoke while speeding through rush hour traffic on the Third Ring Road last week, according to the Daily Mail. The woman gave only her surname, Li. Her in-car system included a flashy golden mic and was connected to the speakers in her car so she could sing along to her favorite tracks.

"[As long as] the car, my phone and the mic are tuned into the same channel, I can start singing," Li told reporters. She also praised the system on social media and has recommended the product to other drivers. There's one downside: the car does suffer from mysterious scratches, the driver complained. It's not clear whether these scratches are from inattentive driving, or a manifestation of the ire of other drivers unwillingly subjected to her "solo" performances.

Police in Chengdu are not impressed with this artistic form of distracted driving. A local traffic officer told the People's Daily that Li's singing is dangerous and definitely against the law. Someday, Li's in-car karaoke might cost her more than just a few scratches on her car. Li could face fines if she's caught singing behind the wheel by police, and her performances put other drivers in danger.

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