Gibbs brings three new amphibious vehicles to AIMExpo [w/videos]

Even before the Gibbs Quadski hit the market the company said it planned to expand the lineup based on the Quadski platform, and it used the American International Motorcycle Expo to do that. Gibbs started its expansion with the Quadski XL that turned the single-seater amphibian into a motorcycle-style two-seater, now the new Terraquad goes for a side-by-side setup and adds roof bars and a rear load deck. It uses the same 140-horsepower engine for a top speed of 50 miles per hour on land, 40 mph on water, and can switch from one use to the other in 2.5 seconds. Weight naturally goes up a bit, to 1,518 pounds compared to the Quadski's 1,333 pounds. You can watch it work in the video above.

Gibbs showed off two more concept vehicles, the Biski and the Triski. The Biski is a two-wheeled, road-legal motorcycle using a 55-hp, two-cylinder motor that will allow it to reach 50 mph on land. It can swap for water duty in under five seconds, where you can ride it like a stand-up jet-ski should you wish and its aluminum hull can cut the water at up to 37 mph. It can handle riders up to 264 pounds. While it's cool, we have to wonder how practical the Biski would be as a motorcycle with its compromised lean angles and bulky ergonomics.

The road-legal Triski gets one more wheel, a much more powerful engine and a slightly bigger payload rating. Its turbocharged two-cylinder is rated at 135 hp, and that's good for a land-lubber top speed of 85 mph, while water work turns that down to 40 mph. No word on whether either concept has a chance of reaching production stage, but you can check them out in the videos below and the photos below that.

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