VW emission scandal file has gone 'missing'

Volkswagen's emissions scandal has investigators around the world collecting reams of documents for some deep detective work into the company. With so much still to know about the cheating, it could be a significant loss if a "secret file" from the automaker went missing, as Germany's Bild claims. However, the contents of that document might not actually have been cause for worry.

Prosecutors in the German state of Lower Saxony have been investigating VW. One of those somehow went missing around Oct. 12, which was reported as a crime, Reuters said. After questioning, no one described seeing anything unusual.

While certainly a loss, the document reportedly wasn't that vital to the investigation. According to a spokesperson speaking to Reuters, it contained some duplicates of data already available online and notes about legal questions in the case. The investigators described the issue as more "annoying" than as a grave concern.

A major question in VW's emissions cheating has remained how many people knew what was going on. So far, the company has claimed only a few were involved, but investigators have been gathering evidence from offices all over Europe. The authorities already searched the company in France, and Lamborghini was checked in Italy.

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