A Florida man tweeted a picture of the mangled body of the teen he just hit Sunday night, posting "I jus(sic) killed a man". The tweet was deleted but not before it went viral. The family of Trevius Williams is still reeling from the death of the 16-year-old and the callousness of the man who hit him.

Williams was hit while crossing the street without a crosswalk Sunday night in Jacksonville, FL, on an errand for his mother. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office identified 19-year-old Keenan Mikel Slaughter as the man who hit Williams and sent out the tweet. Slaughter has not been charged with a crime, though the crash investigation is still on-going. Police do not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor, and Slaughter is cooperating with the investigation.

Williams mother, Connie Coles, questions why Slaughter hasn't been arrested in the death of her youngest child. "I'm angry because detectives told me that there's no alcohol or drugs involved," Coles told USA Today. "Well how would you know if he wasn't tested?"

Coles points to a tweet Slaughter sent out earlier in the day which refers to drug use as a possible cause of the crash. He tweeted "I drunk so much ** lean I feel like I'm off a NyQuil ." Lean refers to a drink made with codeine cough syrup. The tweet is a song lyric however, and police feel that Slaughter was not under the influence of any substance when he struck Williams. The family is struggling to come to terms with the loss of the young man.

Coles told WJXT when she saw the picture of her son laying dead in the street on social media and it turned her heartbreak turned into anger. "I'm mad, I'm angry. A part of me actually feels sympathy for him, that he could be so heartless. That he could be such a cold-hearted person."

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