Tesla Autopilot's European, Asian debut delayed

When Tesla launched its Autopilot software update for the Model S and X electric vehicles last week, CEO Elon Musk said that he hoped the cool new features would be available in Europe and Asia this week. That due date has now been pushed back a bit, according to a new Musk Tweet.

Musk sent out a note that said, "Autopilot release to Europe and Asia pending regulatory approval. Hopefully get the ok in the next few weeks." This isn't a major delay (yet), but it is yet another example of Tesla announced timeline not being the one that actually happens. Teslarati wonders if the unexpected delay might mean that Tesla got, "sandbagged by administrators in other countries into thinking it had the official OK to move forward with the Version 7.0 update, only to be informed at the last minute that there would be delays in securing the needed approvals?"

In the US, though, the Autopilot appears to be rolling out as planned and without any major incidents. The major development that Tesla vehicle software version 7.0 added in was Autosteer, which is a technology that helps the car stay in its lane, as long as the driver is still paying attention. The update also improves Automatic Emergency Steering and Side Collision Warning, Auto Lane Change, and Autopark. None of these things mean that a Tesla car equipped with all of the right sensors can now drive itself, but that didn't stop The Late Show host Stephen Colbert from raving about it on national TV last week, as you can see in the video above.

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