UPDATE: The Aventador obviously has a V12, not a V10. It has been corrected below.

Listening to an Italian V10 V12 screaming at the limit is one of the true joys of the automotive hobby, especially with the visual accompaniment of little licks of flame are shooting out of the exhaust. There's a time and a place for such an aggressive mechanical display, though. This Aventador owner in Dubai hopefully learned his lesson about being too exuberant with the throttle while stationary after his Lamborghini went up in flames.

Several bystanders yelled out warnings, but the driver must have been partially deaf from revving the V10 V12 a little too often. The guy just drove off with flames eating up an increasing amount of the Aventador's rear. He didn't get too far though before the little blaze turned into a full-blown conflagration. While this was an expensive mistake, but the driver reportedly wasn't injured, according to The Telegraph.

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