The California Fuel Cell Partnership (CAFCP) used last week's celebration of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Day (October 8) to take an inventory of the state's current and pending hydrogen-refueling stations. The CAFCP says there are about 50 in the development pipeline, according to Green Car Reports. But, when it comes to stations that operate just like a retail gas stations? Just two.

Those two stations charge about $13 per kilogram of hydrogen, which can offer about 60 miles or range in today's H2 cars. Do the math - with the knowledge that Californians are paying about $3 a gallon for gas – and figure that hydrogen costs about a 25-percent premium, compared to an average gas car. Of course, if you drive one of those limited-edition Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell vehicles or are in line to get a Toyota Mirai, the automakers will foot the bill for your hydrogen, at least for the foreseeable future.

In addition to those two stations, there are another half dozen dispensing hydrogen with some restrictions. Beyond that, 15 stations are under constructions, while another 17 have at least been partially funded but haven't broken ground.

California policy makers and fuel-cell vehicle advocates alike are hoping such projections signal an imminent improvement in the state's hydrogen-distribution infrastructure. This summer, some fuel-cell vehicle drivers took to Facebook to complain that many of the state's hydrogen stations were less than operable, and were often either out of order or were only able to dispense a limited amount of hydrogen. The Mirai is slated to hit some California Toyota dealerships by the end of the month. You can find the CAFCP's list of stations here (PDF).

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